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Health and Fitness Vacations For the Whole Family

One of the latest trends in travel is health and fitness vacations. These are definitely a new experience for the whole family if you have never taken one.Vacations run a wide range of intensity. There are health and fitness vacations that are similar to military boot camps, where the activities are fast paced and not for the faint of heart. More common, however, are health and fitness vacations that combine the pampering of a spa with nature, low calorie meals, and exercise classes.For example, you can book health and fitness vacations in the country at a rustic inn or dude ranch. Yoga classes, meditation, and cardiovascular workouts are combined with horseback riding or hiking in the woods. Food is normally first rate, even though the menu is designed to reduce calories in a healthful manner. Activities for the children normally include physical games, swimming, hiking, and nature studies.The exact programs offered by institutions offering Vacations will vary a great deal. Some take a traditional approach and feature cross country hikes and calisthenics, while others focus more on yoga, tai chi, or relaxation techniques. Many will offer a few programs of each type.Some health and fitness vacations are more appropriate for those who are already in good physical condition. These may feature activities such as rock climbing or long distance bicycle tours. Others are designed for those who are beginners in the fitness arena, and there are many health and fitness vacations that offer passive exercise machines and self-paced walks around manicured grounds.If you are taking your children on your healthy vacation you not only want to investigate the youth programs offered but also the availability of child care for younger children should you need the service. There may be classes you would like to take that are not offered at the same time as an activity for your child’s age. Onsite babysitting services would keep you both happy.You should always ask question before booking your vacation. Find out if the staff is qualified to supervise activities such as skin diving lessons or white water rafting. Ask how long they have been offering health and fitness vacations. Determine any restrictions on what you can bring and find out if there are any special items you need to bring.After a hard day of activity, a massage might be just what you need. Many healthy vacations are planned at sites that offer such amenities as massage therapy or full salon services.Plan ahead of time for health and fitness vacations. Make sure you break in new hiking boots, for example, before you go. Look through your closet to locate appropriate clothing well in advance so you can buy what you need. It also doesn’t hurt to increase your walking or other activity level so you have a little training behind you.Whether you want to shoot the rapids or commune with nature, health and fitness vacations offer an alternative to the typical tourist attractions. You can find health and fitness vacations regardless of your level of fitness and regardless of whether you want family time or a romantic weekend.