36V Lithium Battery for Marine Vehicles

The marine battery is the heart of your boat, guiding you safely through all kinds of waterways. And it’s also essential for starting your engine. The right battery ensures that you always have enough power to get you going.

This marine battery can withstand extreme conditions, even with the incessant pounding of the waves. It has a virtually leak-proof fiberglass container, and a polypropylene liner that can hold up to high temperatures and vibrations. It is compatible with most boats and includes a mounting bracket that allows easy installation.

The 36V lithium battery offers the best performance and value in a deep cycle battery. This is a perfect fit if you need a larger than normal battery for your recreational vehicle, such as jet skis or jet boats that use a combination of trolling motors and accessories. Provides a lifetime of service with no memory effect. Longer periods between charges and longer life spans – compared to other batteries.

A Battery Strong Enough to Power a Marine Vehicle

The marine battery is used in boats to provide electric current for starting, lights and accessories. A marine battery is designed for the needs of both leisure and commercial applications, providing superior performance and reliability despite the most demanding conditions. It delivers dependable power for boats, trolling motors and more. Fully charged, it delivers the energy required to start engines and run electronics efficiently.

With up to 200 deep cycles, the marine battery delivers hours of power for a wide variety of boat applications and is perfect for small boats, personal watercraft and more. A dual purpose battery suitable for both starting and deep cycle applications. Requires minimal maintenance, which further extends battery life. A smart battery that extends the life of your boat’s brake and starter systems.
This marine battery is the number-one selling trolling motor battery on the market. This marine battery will provide you with years of reliable operation. Its range features a selection of high-performance batteries to suit a variety of applications. From starting power and deep cycle options, to the more specific needs like electric trolling motors and dual purpose maintenance free batteries.

A Type of Battery for Your Specific Need

Rugged marine battery specifically designed for boat use. Hastily attach a Quick Disconnect Terminal (included) and you can swap out or charge the battery easily without connecting any permanent electrical components. The best Marine Battery for your boat. It has a deep cycle, powerful starting and big reserve capacity and is designed to fit boats from 10-29 feet. Get your boat moving faster, longer.
This is a high quality, sealed lead-acid battery suitable for your marine application. This marine battery has added durability and comes in a compact size. It also has impressive starting power whenever you need it. Unlike normal batteries that have limited time and use, this one can be used for longer periods of time.

This marine battery is perfect for your boat, yacht, RV or vehicle. It is fully-sealed and spillproof, with a high cranking power that you can rely on when you need it most. Marine batteries are designed for more powerful and advanced boats, where a separate battery is used to power the motor. These batteries are water-resistant, which makes them ideal for boat use. This marine maintenance free battery is fully recessed inside a steel reinforced plastic cage. The plastic housing has a dual seal and stainless steel hardware to keep out moisture, dust and corrosion.

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